A Life Crafted

To Craft: To create with purpose and attention to detail and quality

Why ‘A Crafted Life?’

Many of us walk daily through life wondering what happening to us, the world , and those around us.  A Crafted Life is here to show, teach, and encourage you to live your life intentionally with goals, dreams, passion and power.  To craft means to build or create with attention to design, detail, and quality.  Step up, step into, and step out to live A Crafted Life.

Workshops and Retreats

Two hour workshops can be mixed and matche to create the experience that you and your friends or colleagues want to have.  You can either follow preset pathways from one of two tracks – personal or professional – or pick and choose to make a unique experience based on your time and vision of what you want to accomplish.

Online Classes

Since we can’t always get away, these courses are meant to be mini-retreats. Take them together as a group for interaction and support or asynchronously are your convenience. An instructor is available to meet virtually weekly to reinforce your learning, answer any questions or provide discussions on course topics that you would like to dive into more deeply.

Professional Development

Continuous learning is what keeps us competitive in the workplace. A Crafted Life offers training that is fun, experiential and relevant.

Personal Development

Don’t settle for satisfactory. If you want to step up, step in, and step out to craft a more extraordinary life, A Crafted Life will help you reach higher.

Christian Women Leadership

Are you a Christian woman who feels a calling to do and be more in the family of God? A Crafted Life has experiential workshops and courses to help you find your place and thrive in God’s plan for your life.

Powerful Choices

Intentional living begins with a decision to live differently. We will explore the variety of choices we make every day and how we can align them to our ultimate goal.

Living on Purpose

Which person do you want to be at the table? What do you want to be remembered for? Take these goals and map out a pathway to live your life on purpose.

Living the Dream

Do you have a dream that won’t let you rest? Have you been thinking about it most of your life? In this workshop we will help you solidify your dream and set goals to actually achieve your dream.


Today’s Leadership looks different that past teachings, but many strategies remain the same.

Working With People With Personalities

Unless you live alone on a mountain top or an island, you interact with people on a daily basis. Let’s see what we can do to make the most of those encounters!

Starting a Business

Your business idea is as unique as you are! In this workshop you will explore the nuts and bolts of making your passion a reality.